Who I Am

My name is Amanda and I’m going to change the world. Or at least help a little bit.  I’m pursuing a career in public relations to perfect and deliver messages that have a positive impact on the world. I’m extremely passionate about spreading messages I care about. As a recent graduate of the public relations program at Brigham Young University, I have the education and training to channel that passion into smart work and tangible results.

I’ve had many amazing opportunities to put that passion to work. From small local internships with different BYU departments and a local mom gym to international experience working in the public affairs department of a global religious organization, I have dipped my toe in a lot of pools. That is what I love most about public relations: there is always a new skill to learn and a new story to tell.

I grew up in a small town in southern Nevada but I love big cities. When I’m not working, I like making music and getting way too invested in fictional characters’ lives. Being a middle child, I’ve always been independent and practical, and my friends tell me I give great advice. I’ve spent almost two years living in London and falling in love with the British culture and people. I love travelling and exploring new places and cultures.

What I Do

Writing & Strategic Planning

From ready-to-print material like press releases and feature stories, to business material like event proposals and promotional plans. 


Visual storytelling through video news releases, promotional videos and personal projects. Skilled in professional filming and editing with Adobe Premiere.


Visual communications designed in multiple professional programs to help communicate with more than just words.